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Ledger's Death No Killing Joke

While it’s a tragedy, it’s become so cliche, I can barely take it seriously: Breakout, young Hollywood actor dies in his 20s just as career is taking off. River Phoenix. Brandon Lee. James Dean. And now Heath Ledger is just another cliche:

Of course, this is relevant here on this blog because of Ledger’s upcoming role starring as The Joker in this summer’s The Dark Knight.

Remember how much more poignant Lee’s death (also at 28, also in the midst of film production, though not SELF-INFLICTED BECAUSE OF DRUGS LIKE A MORON) became when The Crow was released in 1994? How much of an effect it had on the film’s success and subsequent reverence in pop culture not just as a great comic book flick but also as a sort-of enduring tribute to the life of Brandon Lee?

Just wait until The Dark Knight — a film already guaranteed success — hits the screens. Yipes.

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