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Write on, write on

Did you pay your power bill?NPR has an interesting little story on three notable recent entrants into the comic book industry coming from other media (no big surprise on the subjects chosen):

Crazy, I had no idea Joss Whedon’s father was a writer for The Electric Company.

3 thoughts on “Write on, write on

  1. That was interesting, but I think Piccoult has a bit to learn before her books become decent. Her writing actually made me drop WW.

    Off topic, but do you read non-superhero books? I’m curious because I don’t remember you covering any, and there are a few terrific examples.

  2. I haven’t read WW … ever. So I have no opinion.

    I don’t read any non-superhero books, but it’s not because I don’t want to … it’s really hard for me to get into something new in general, especially with comics and music. My friends in and immediately after HS (waaay back in the day) were into stuff like Death, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Sandman, etc. … I never could get into ’em. But I was a fan of James Hudnall’s work, especially ESPers and Interface, and will probably be picking up Y The Last Man in trades.

    Oddly, I was a huge Buffy/Angel fan (watched every season of each show), but I have not picked up any of the comics. Not sure why — they’re canonical (as far as I know) and continuing the adventures of familiar and loved characters. Hmm…

  3. I just started reading Y myself, and it’s pretty good. Vaughan is one of the best out there today. And I’m also a big fan of the Buffyverse too. I own all the seasons too.

    But the books I think you should check out are Fables, The Walking Dead, and Scott Pilgrim. The first because it’s probably the flat out best book in print right now, along with the second, The Walking Dead. Both will break your heart.

    But my personal favorite right now is Scott Pilgrim. It’s probably the most unique book, with tons of music and video game references. And it’s being developed into a movie, with Edgar Wright(Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz) directing, and Michael Cera in talks to play the eponymous character. Basically, its about a guy who has to defeat his girlfriend’s 7 exes in mortal combat.

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