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Comic-Con relocating to Vegas? Not likely

Las Vegas Convention Center

The ever-insightful Mark Evanier mentioned the forthcoming San Diego Comic-Con on his website today, adding this little nugget:

Every so often, someone suggests that the whole shebang be moved to Las Vegas, where there are larger convention centers with more being built. I am convinced this will not happen for any number of reasons but this one will suffice…

That “one” was the comparison between SD temperatures at the end of July (average high of 75-ish, Fahrenheit) and LV (106 anyone?). As a resident of the hotter city, I would concur: There is a reason our biggest conventions (CES and, in years past, COMDEX) are in the late fall and winter.

However, San Diego as a convention destination does have a number of problems Las Vegas does not, including sparse parking and limited hotel rooms. If there’s anything we don’t run out of here in Vegas, it’s hotel rooms. And though parking around the Convention Center can be a pain in the arse, there is plenty of free parking at any given hotel/casino within one mile of the LVCC, just a short shuttle, bus or monorail ride away.

This is no case I’m making for moving Comic-Con to Vegas, mind you — were it up to me, every event in the world, including my waking up every morning — would be in San Diego. But there are some logistics that need to be worked out if Comic-Con continues to grow at the pace it has been. Oh, and Evanier’s assessment is no indictment of Sin City either — as any of his friends or fans know, he’s quite the Vegas-lover.

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