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MC Lars rocks a funky laptop

MC Lars (Photo by Emily Ibarra)
MC Lars is the "lost" Wu-Tang Clan member. (Photo by Emily Ibarra)

Whilst Googling ourselves the other day (hey, it’s an important part of … news gathering … and … stuff … and .. shh), we ran across a Wikipedia entry for alterna-rapper MC Lars‘ 1999 self-released album, Nothing to Fear, which features a song called … get ready … “Pop Goes the Icon.” Immediately upon learning of this unintended name swipe, we posted about it on Twitter.

Well, the San Francisco-based MC Lars hit us back on Twitter, pointing us to a download of that song he has available on his colorful website. You may be familiar with Lars’ 2006 mini-hit, “Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock,” but did you know he’s also a collected cartoonist? I mean, it should be no surprise that the author of such gems as “Do The Bruce Campbell” and “Escape from Robot Island” is a giant geek, but still, we’re impressed.

Lars gave us the go-ahead to share a free download of our new, unofficial theme song, “Pop Goes the Icon” with you kids, so get clicking and then bust some funky moves. And while you’re at it, buy some of his CDs and books. Because they’re RAD.

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