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New site launches for 'The Utopian' webcomic

Uncolored artwork from the April 29 "Utopian" webcomic
Uncolored artwork from the April 29 "Utopian" webcomic

If you’ve been coming around here for the last few weeks to check out The Utopian, our premier webcomic series, you may have noticed that this late on Wednesday, there should be a new episode of the weekly strip by Pj Perez posted on the site, but there just isn’t.

Well, the good news is, this week’s installment of The Utopian is live and ready for your perusal. The better news? It’s available in a bigger, better format on the all-new Utopian microsite at

That’s right — due to popular demand and other factors discussed at the new site in a blog post, the adventures of everyone’s favorite emo-tastic troubled youth, James Douglas, can be found every Wednesday on its own, full-featured, easy-to-navigate website.

Oh, don’t worry — we’ll still be updating you whenever there are new developments in the world of The Utopian right here — as well as on Facebook and Twitter — but the week-to-week drama unfolds over at

We highly recommend subscribing to The Utopian via the handy-dandy RSS feed, so you don’t miss a single panel. And things are going to ramp up soon. James isn’t content to sit back and let the world pass by in what he perceives to be its broken state anymore. No, kids, he’s taking action. And it just barely gets going in this week’s episode. Just wait until we unveil Part 002 of The Utopian, “Somebody Has to Change It.” Things will happen.

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