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New 'Utopian' comic: The battle begins

utopian p 014Feeling helpless, James Douglas put his invisibility to good use. First he lashed out in stealth at an abusive meathead, earning the ire of the Sagebrush football team. Then he made a dramatic debut as “The Utopian” in front of his entire high school at the Homecoming game, inspiring the downtrodden while antagonizing the priveleged.

But in this week’s two-page episode of The Utopian, an arch enemy is created and a manhunt begins. Don’t miss the latest installment of Pj Perez‘s weekly webcomic that has, um, people on Twitter raving:

Nice Utopian today.” – rfludwick

That is one insane erection in the last panel of the new Utopian.” – thechrishaley

Uh … yeah. Just go read it.

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