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'Utopian' cast of characters expands with 'Special Interests'

A preview from this week's installment of "The Utopian."
A preview from this week's installment of "The Utopian."

In case you missed it, “Special Interests,” the third story arc of Pj Perez’s weekly webcomic series The Utopian, started last week. In the opening salvo, we were introduced to Danny, a freshman at Sagebrush High who’s completely enthralled with The Utopian. As well, we met Sean, a cool and aloof pal of our protagonist, James.

This week, the culture of corruption at Sagebrush is thrown right in the face of James as we meet another new character, science teacher Mr. Anderson. And you just know James isn’t going to be happy with what he sees.

Be sure to get caught up and stick around, because you have no idea what’s coming. For real.

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