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'Utopian' now twice weekly

utopian p 021 previewThe Utopian, our premiere webcomic featuring the sensational character find of 2009, is undergoing a minor scheduling change as of this week. Instead of two pages dropping as a single “episode” every Wednesday, now each new page will debut every Wednesday AND Friday. Why?

According to strip writer-artist Pj Perez, the reason for the change is multi-tiered: “I’ve decided to change the posting schedule of The Utopian to both accommodate my ability to produce the best quality webcomic possible and the requests of readers who may have been confused by the presentation of two pages on one day spread across two days of posts.”

So while you get the same amount of high school dramatic action every week, you get double the suspense! And really, isn’t that what we all need in our lives? Start your Wednesday off right with the latest entry in The Utopian mythology, and keep an eye on Pop! Goes the Icon for convention season news, coming soon.

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