Are you heading down to San Diego from July 23 to 26 for Comic-Con International? So are we …

Kind of.

OK, Pop! Goes the Icon missed the deadline for vendor registration (hell, for Artist Alley registration). But we have a special treat for you if you’ll be at the annual geekfest. The Utopian writer/artist Pj Perez will be wandering around the convention floors with a bag full of EXCLUSIVE goodies from PGTI, including this:

And these:


That’s right, kids. The long-rumored/hyped/etc. 16-page Utopian Comic-Con exclusive “issue zero” is a SUPER LIMITED run (only 50 copies!!). And if you want one, you’ll have to keep an eye out for this guy:


The comics and buttons are totally FREE but they will disappear quickly, so if you want either, well, you’d better start following Pj on Twitter, where he’ll be updating his location and lovingly receiving your tweets. And surely he’ll have some sort of signing device on him should you want your comic — or body part — autographed.

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