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'The Utopian' returns from hiatus with revelatory chapter

utopian p 033 previewThat Pj Perez is a tricky guy. Every week without fail since April 15, he’s dropped two pages of his online comic series, The Utopian, on patient readers who have gotten to know teenager James Douglas as he covertly takes action to enact change in his high school community. On July 24, school paper reporter Michelle Matterson unearthed James’ secret identity — and then Perez took off a week for some reason, leaving readers with a dangling cliffhanger.

Well, The Utopian is back. Part 005, “Revelations,” launched today, and this chapter promises to change forever your notions of what the strip is all about. Or so we’ve been told. It’s probably best if you just get caught up and get on board.

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