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Omega Comics Presents #1 now on sale!

Omega Comics Presents #1 et arriveWhat do an undead mobster, a Chaplinesque cipher and a covert, counterterrorism team have in common? They’re all featured in the first issue of Omega Comics Presents, our new comic book anthology series debuting this week.

The second title from Pop! Goes the Icon, Omega Comics Presents is a quarterly, black-and-white comic featuring a variety of features from some of the hottest new talents in independent comics. Anchored by the serial action epic “OMEGA,” Omega Comics Presents will feature never-before-published works from around the country and the globe.

The first issue features chapter one of Pj Perez‘s “OMEGA,” “The Taking,” in which a mundane school field trip to Hoover Dam takes a turn into nightmare territory when the students become hostages in a terrorist siege. In the issue’s second feature, “Odd Job” (by Alex De-Gruchy and Robert Durham), a routine house clearing gig for young Hank goes awry when he comes across unexpected residents – the ghosts of a mobster and his wife. Issue one’s third feature, John Dimes‘ “Making No Magnifisense,” stars ambiguous Evelyn Gurlimann as he encounters his superheroic idol, Magnificent Man – with disastrous results. And a little comic relief awaits readers in the two-page gag strip “(All We Are Saying Is) Give Pizza a Chance” by Dino Caruso and Jason Copland.

The print version of Omega Comics Presents #1 is $3.50 per copy and available for direct order or at select stores in the United States and Canada. It is also available as a digital download for only $2.50.

If your local comic shop doesn’t carry Pop! Goes the Icon’s titles, you tell ’em to contact us and we’ll fix that.

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