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Reading With Pictures

Reading With Pictures!If there’s something we know about, it’s reading with pictures. You might say it’s our business! But someone’s gone and one-upped us by starting an organization actually called Reading With Pictures, that not only is producing an awesome anthology featuring all sorts of talented sumbitches such as Jill Thompson, Fred Van Lente and Chris Giarrusso, but also doing so in the name of education! You can help get this awesome project off its feet and learn a lot more about what Reading With Pictures intends to do to get comics into schools to help encourage reading and other academic pursuits by clicking on the image below. Oh, and donating money to the project. After clicking.

Did we mention one of the contributors is Russell Lissau, whose story “Greedy” can be found in the second issue of Omega Comics Presents this summer? No? WELL NOW WE DID. Get clickin’!

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  1. Reading with Pictures is a good cause and the anthology sounds pretty awesome! I recommend people check out the kickstarter fundraiser page:

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