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The Utopian embarks on strange odyssey

Art by Hernan ValenciaHe just wanted to make a difference — in his own life and in the world around him. But James Douglas never expected things to turn out the way they did. As “The Utopian,” he’s clashed with his school’s controlling principal. He’s been forced into action unexpected against gay-bashers and his school’s star quarterback. He let his guard down with a school newspaper reporter and found his identity exposed. And at the end of the second print issue of The Utopian, James witnessed the death of his biggest fan, an enthusiastic freshman. So what’s next for the teenage revolutionary?

Find out in the third issue of Pj Perez’s The Utopian, shipping May 5, in which our hero endures a reality-altering experience no one will see coming. Featuring an all-new cover by Hernan Valencia, The Utopian #3 collects parts seven and eight of the online serial in full color, with a never-before-seen new splash page by Perez. Pre-order now, and your copy will not only be delivered right to your mailbox, but also signed by the author — an offer that expires May 5! Visit our online store to reserve your copy now.

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