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PGTI dishes freebies on Free Comic Book Day

Every comic book fan eagerly awaits the first Saturday in May each year, because that’s when the comics retailers across the globe celebrate Free Comic Book Day. This year’s event, landing on May 1, is sure to delight readers new and old with exclusive offerings from publishers of all size. And if you live in Las Vegas, a comic book store near you should have a little something from your friends at Pop! Goes the Icon: Free copies of Omega Comics Presents #1!

We’ve provided 25 copies each to three local retailers, which means you’ll have to hit your neighborhood store pretty early to avoid missing out. But we’ve got almost every end of the Valley covered by these great shops:

Of course, part of the impetus behind the now 9-year-old event isn’t just to give away free stuff to those already collecting comics, but to encourage new readers, especially young ones. So if you plan to visit your participating store, wherever it may be, be sure to grab a lil’ pal to pick up some new stories to read. There’s some great all-ages material available — check out the full lineup on the FCBD website.

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