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Headed to SDCC? Grab some free comics!

As we’re hard at work finalizing our fall/winter publishing schedule and getting ready to announce exciting, new projects, sadly, your pals at Pop! Goes the Icon won’t be joining the geek masses at Comic-Con International in San Diego this week. But have no fear, true believers! PGTI is making sure our presence is felt, and if you act swiftly and cunningly, you can take advantage of our boundless generosity. That’s right: We’ve dropped 75 copies of Omega Comics Presents #1 on the unsuspecting crowds at SDCC. Want to get your hands on a copy? Easy — just swing by the Freebies table at the convention, look for the stack of comics resembling the cover on this page, and grab one! How easy is that?

Of course, the trick is, there are only 75 copies, so if you want a free one, you have to get to that Freebies table at Quicksilver speed! Of course, if you just want to enjoy the awesome mix of adventure, drama and comedy featured in the first issue of our flagship anthology series — featuring titanic talents such as Alex De-Gruchy, John Dimes, Pj Perez and more — you can always order a copy directly from us or swing by one of our raucous retailers.

Speaking of those valiant comic shops, swing by booth 3919 at SDCC and say “hi” to our pals from Las Vegas’ own Comic Oasis. They’ve been kind enough to pimp our comics, but feel free to demand more goodies from PGTI. Huzzah!

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