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Omega Comics Presents returns with new tales

Omega Comics Presents 3 coverWhile most of us are still slogging through the dog days of this long, hot summer, it might be hard to think that autumn is just around the corner. But, indeed, August is nearly over and the sweet allure of cooler days and pro football is looming just over the horizon. And so is the third issue of our flagship anthology series, Omega Comics Presents.

Featuring an inventive cover by the sure-to-be-huge-any-day-now talent John Bivens, Omega Comics Presents #3 features three all-new stories sure to delight, dazzle and distress your unsuspecting eyes. That cover alludes to the issue’s lead feature, Russell Lissau and Bivens’ “One of Us,” a police drama that shows what bridges some cops will cross to take care of their own. Readers will also thrill to the third chapter of Pj Perez’s “Omega,” in which the cat-and-mouse game between a terrorist group and its teenage hostages comes to a head. And rounding out the issue is “The Hero’s Journey,” which delves into the real-world effects of the superhero lifestyle, written by Alex De-Gruchy and penciled by Michael Montenat.

Slated for November release, Omega Comics Presents #3 can be pre-ordered directly from us now for only $3.99. We recommend you don’t miss out.

4 thoughts on “Omega Comics Presents returns with new tales

  1. Friends:

    “Write what you know.”

    That’s the advice any fiction-writing instructor gives their students. It’s the same advice comic-book editors give out to eager scribes trying to break into the business.

    “Write what you know.”

    I spent a year as a police reporter covering the city of Evanston and Northwestern University for the Daily Northwestern.

    I covered my share of cops and robbers for the Miami Herald during my stints there, and, then I spent more than three years as a police reporter for the Daily Herald and another fifteen or so writing about criminals of all shapes and sizes.

    I’ve never met billionaires who dress up in capes and cowls and fight crime, or the last sons of dying planets sent to Earth by their brilliant-but-doomed parents. But cops? Yeah, I know cops. And I know how dedicated they are and the lengths to which they go to right wrongs and make the Bad Guys pay.

    Order a copy of OCP#3. Let me know what you think.

    1. We guarantee, Russell won’t let you down.

  2. Hey, Editor Man —

    Is there going to be an online preview of the stories in OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS #3? People have been banging on my doors and windows, begging for one! Begging!

    1. SOON, padowan. Soon. We want OCP to have its own thunder.

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