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Long Beach Comic Con, Oct. 29 – 31

LBCC map
Click to view big ol' map and find us at LBCC!

Southern Californians, be warned: Pop! Goes the Icon publisher/cheerleader/emo comic pioneer Pj Perez is coming to Long Beach Comic Con, and there’s nothing you can do to stop him!

Stop by Artist Alley table #2104, and get your hands on all sorts of offerings from the PGTI universe, including every issue to date of The Utopian, Omega Comics Presents, and if you’re nice, a sneak preview of our newest title, Tales from the Boneyard, as well as the usual freebies. Have Perez scribble his illegible autograph all over your comics, sketchbooks and children. Bring extra cash, and maybe he’ll even draw poorly rendered sketches for beer money.

It all goes down at the Long Beach Convention Center in the heart of Long Beach, Calif., from Friday, Oct. 29 to Sunday, Oct. 31. That’s right, kids — it’s Halloween weekend. What better way to spend it than among the freaks and geeks at a comic con?

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