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'The Utopian' now available in single print volume

the utopian trade cover 200In writer/artist Pj Perez’s serial webcomic The Utopian, readers followed for 18 months as disillusioned high school senior James Douglas experienced the trials and tribulations that came with his attempt to change the world around him in the anonymous identity of the “Utopian.” Now, the entire roller coaster ride that is the Utopian saga is available in one glossy, mass-market trade paperback.

The Utopian trade paperback collects all 109 pages of “America’s Most Emo Comic Strip” within a beautiful, digitally painted cover by Hernan Valencia, who illustrated many of the covers for the quarterly single issues of The Utopian. As a bonus, Perez has included eight pages of full annotations, detailing the secret history and process behind every page of the graphic novel.

“Although billed as ‘America’s Most Emo Comic Strip,’ The Utopian doesn’t read anything like a My Chemical Romance lyrics sheet,” wrote Jarret Keene in the Las Vegas CityLife‘s CityBlog. “It owes more to teen adventure series like The Bloodhound Gang, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or early issues of Amazing Spider-Man.”

The 120-page, full-color collection is available for $19.95 at, or for a limited-time, special price at

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