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Vampires, space miners and superheroes invade latest issue of Omega Comics Presents

Omega Comics Presents #4 cover

Omega Comics Presents 4 coverIt is December, 1944, and the Ardennes is deluged with snow that won’t stop falling, even as ill-prepared, exhausted American troops barely hold back the advance of the brutal German military machine. That’s how the fourth issue of our black-and-white anthology series Omega Comics Presents opens, but the direness of the setting doesn’t even hint at the direction Russell Lissau and mpMann take readers over the next 11 pages.

Led by “L’ange de Bastogne,” Lissau and Mann’s gripping cover feature, the latest collection of all-new stories by some of today’s best, unsung indie comic book talents also includes gems such as “Cold,” Steve Wallace’s alternately humorous and dramatic exploration of two space miners caught in a possibly hopeless situation, and “The Night Shift,” a short by Dino Caruso and Sam Agro with a twist ending that will leave readers smiling. Rounding out the issue’s offerings is the final chapter of “Omega,” the action-espionage serial by Editor Pj Perez, in which the drama of the siege at Hoover Dam comes to an explosive conclusion.

Critics have been digging what they’ve seen in Omega Comics Presents so far. Comics Should Be Good enjoyed Alex DeGruchy’s “The Hero’s Journey” from issue three, calling it “a cool little superhero story that we probably wouldn’t see from one of the Big Two.” Ain’t It Cool News loves the series, declaring “Omega Comics Presents continues to be a powerful anthology featuring some surprisingly talented folks you’ve more than likely never heard of … yet.” And Bookgasm simply demanded “more, please!” Who are we to argue?

Omega Comics Presents #4 is now available for pre-order directly from Pop! Goes the Icon for $3.99 per copy, and will be available in select comic book stores on April 6. A digital download will be available at the same time, exclusively at for only 99 cents.

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