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Welcome to the new Pop! Goes the Icon

Something looks different around here …

While it looked like Pop! Goes the Icon had gone stagnant (something you know isn’t true if you attended Amazing Comic Con or Las Vegas Comic Expo this year), at least on our website, we were actually working behind the scenes to bring you an ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT website. One with a fully integrated, shopping cart-based store. One with easier ways to find our products. And one that announces our newest endeavor: On-demand comic book printing through our new partnership with Creation Forge Studios, based right here in our hometown of Las Vegas.

The next few months will see us releasing more comics than we have in quite a while, announcing more, and generally getting all up in your face with graphic goodness. We’re going to be aggressively fielding submissions, adding our content to as many platforms as possible, and making the world a better place for comic book creators and readers alike.

Welcome to the NEW Pop! Goes the Icon. Hope you survive the experience!

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