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Supernatural crime saga ‘Eastsiders’ to debut in OCP

OCP 3 cover

OCP 3 coverFormer punk rocker and recovering hooligan Jake Peters is trying to keep a low profile these days, lest his past—and existence of his inhuman abilities to channel electrical currents—comes to haunt him. But when he stumbles upon the scene of a gruesome gangland murder in London’s East End, he finds himself a wanted man, both by the authorities and by the mysterious crime lord responsible for the murders, John Campanella.

Headlining the spring 2014 issue of our flagship new talent series Omega Comics Presents, “Electric!” is the first chapter in the saga of “Eastsiders,” which follows the travails of Peters as he attempts to elude capture a shadowy government organization while trying to both clear his name with the police and loosen Campanella’s stranglehold on his home of Blackcross. The 20-page story is written by Pop! Goes the Icon publisher Pj Perez and drawn by Portuguese illustrator António Brandão.

Joining “Eastsiders” is “Hard Time” by longtime contributing writer Russell Lissau and artist Justin Castaneda, which sees the return of Dev Bivens, aka The Devastator, the bungling super-criminal last seen in the Omega Comics Presents story “Down Time.” The hilarious, 11-page short pokes fun at some of the most popular filmed prison dramas of the last few decades.

Wrapping up the issue is a comic by Alex De-Gruchy and Mike Kennedy called “Sexual Harassment: Fun for Only One,” a one-page spoof of both office politics and superhero teams.

Omega Comics Presents: Eastsiders can be pre-ordered now for March 26 release, and will be available in select stores and digital outlets, including ComicsPlus and DriveThruComics.

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