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OLD WOUNDS earns praise from fans, critics, creators

Old Wounds review

old wounds 1 coverRussell Lissau and John Bivens’ gritty mini-series Old Wounds just launched April 8, and already the series is getting terrific buzz based on the strength of the gripping first issue. Here’s just a selection of the generous praise that’s been offered:

“The writing is incredibly perfect.” – Lucy Myatt, Pixels & Pages

“For an opening issue, it did just what it should, which is have us engrossed enough to want more. Right now we really want more.” – Daniel Hickey, First Appearance Comics & Games

“Lissau and Bivens are off to a good start.” – Greg Burgas, Comics Should Be Good!

“The danger feels real, and I am genuinely interested in what happens to the characters, even though I just met them. I can’t wait to read more.” – Jim McClain, Of Masks and Men

You don’t have to take their word for it, however. Grab a copy and find out for yourself. Old Wounds #1 is available in comic book stores, at ComiXology, ComicsPlus, DriveThruComics, or directly from our website. Issue 2 hits stores on May 6. And be sure to pre-order issue 3 at your local comic shop, using Diamond order code APR151664.

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