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Paul Tobin on developing your creative muscles

Paul Tobin

Our pal, award-winning writer Paul Tobin (Made Men, Bandette, Colder), recently dropped some knowledge on Twitter that’s particularly relevant to folks who are trying to “break in” to creative industries. It’s a variation on the old “learn to walk before you run” adage, but it’s a good reminder for everyone, no matter what goal you’re trying to accomplish in life, whether it’s publishing a graphic novel or climbing an indoor mountain. We’ll let Paul take over here…

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PGTI creators celebrated holidays in downtown Las Vegas

Jay the Intern

Pop! Goes the Icon celebrated the holiday season and a banner 2013 on Dec. 18 with a public party and shopping event at the Neon Bazaar Pop-Up Shop inside Emergency Arts in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Many of our talented contributors from the last five years were on hand to celebrate, including Hernan Valencia, Warren Wucinich, Ed Hawkins, Daniel Blodgett, Steve Benton and F. Andrew Taylor, plus our partners from Creation Forge Studios, and of course, fans, family and friends in the community.

The Neon Bazaar Pop-Up Shop featured apparel, music, jewelry, art and gifts from all-local vendors, including a selection of comics from Pop! Goes the Icon. We appreciate Neon Bazaar founder Polly Weinstein for hosting what turned out to be a funtastic event (how could it not be?!). Check out some photos from the celebration:

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Sixth annual VVCBF another fun-filled success

Pop! Goes the Icon has had a presence at the annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest (VVCBF) since 2009, when we made our quiet debut there with the first print issue of The Utopian and special guests Hernan Valencia and Mark T. Zeilman. Since then, the fest has grown in both size and attendance more than three-fold, and Pop! Goes the Icon has grown from a one-man vanity press to a full-blown boutique publisher and on-demand printer (but it’s still run mostly by just one guy).

At this year’s Comic Book Fest, we had a great location directly in front of the entrance to the Main Hall, where we debuted our brand-new, all-ages comic, Tales from Lost Vegas, to a steady crowd of old and new fans. Artists Jska Priebe, Steve Benton, Ken Lamug and Daniel Blodgett spent most of the day as our guests, signing comics and drawing sketches (writer Ed Hawkins sold the book from his World Famous Comics booth outside). It was another fast-paced, seven-hour blast of geeky fun, and we were proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the event — a fact made possible by your continued support of the Tales From series of comic books benefiting the VVCBF.

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Tumbl With Pop! Goes the Icon

If you need something fresh to break up your regular Tumblr feed full of Dr. Who fan art, animated cat GIFs and captioned scenes from Parks & Recreation, we have the solution to you: Follow Pop! Goes the Icon on Tumblr. Why, you ask? We’re posting all sorts of behind-the-scenes glimpses into our little world, including never-before-seen artwork, unpublished covers, sketches, outtakes, and much more. Stuff you won’t find even on our Facebook page.

Speaking of which, if Facebook IS more your speed, you should probably “like” us over there so we can discuss the topics of the day. We’re also on Twitter, and allegedly, and though we don’t have a YouTube account yet, you’ll be the first to know when we do. Connect with us and give us your feedback on what we’re doing and what you’d like to see more of in the future. THE INTERNET!

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Press round-up: Bookgasm, Comic Book and Movie Reviews

People are talking about us again! Except this time, it’s not in hushed tones or merely scrawled on the wall of the men’s restroom. Here are some fun links for you to check out in between counting widgets and updating Facetweets:

Over at Bookgasm, Rod Lott reviews (better late than never) a few of our fall 2011 offerings, Tales from Fremont Street (which he calls “fun to read”) and The Best of Omega Comics Presents Vol. 1 (“something for all graphic-fiction tastes”).

Meanwhile, at Comic Book and Movie Reviews, our main man Pj Perez dishes on the origins of, and future plans for, Pop! Goes the Icon, and he describes our scent as “rusty coins.” Huh?

Now that you’re done reading ABOUT our comics, how about you go and actually READ them?

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Know your creators: Russell Lissau

Russell LissauBy day, Russell Lissau is a mild-mannered newspaper reported in suburban Chicago. By night, he battles evil writing comic books, including The Batman Strikes!, Daily Grind and Strawberry Shortcake. He broke into comics in 2005 with the lead story in Batman Allies Secret Files and Origins. Never one to shy away from a crowd, Russell also leads workshops at libraries throughout the Chicago area about writing comics.

Russell wrote the Justin Castaneda-illustrated super-villain spoof “Down Time,” found in next month’s full-color return of Omega Comics Presents. Learn more about the issue and pre-order or download it today!

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Know your creators: mpMann

marvin mann mpmannMarvin Perry Mann has been drawing all of his life. He has made webcomics, mini-comics and digital comics, done work for hire, created new projects, and worked with an assortment of talented creators.

Marvin is the co-creator of four graphic novels published by Archaia: The Lone and Level Sands and Some New Kind of Slaughter with A. David Lewis, Inanna’s Tears with Rob Vollmar, and The Grave Doug Freshley with Josh Hechinger. His work with writer Russell Lissau has appeared several times in Omega Comics Presents.

Preview his new story with Alex De-Gruchy, “Bluetick & Redbone: In Good Spirits,” debuting next month in the now full-color pages of Omega Comics Presents, then pre-order or download your copy!

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Know your creators: Justin Castaneda

Justin CastanedaJustin Castaneda is a writer and illustrator from the south side of Chicago. In 2007, he published his first in a series called When I Was Little…, a picture book of his fondest childhood memories. The following year, he published the cleverly titled sequel, When I Was Little Too, which carried on the tradition of reliving one’s youth. During 2009, he held a submission contest asking people to share their favorite childhood memories. The selected entries became the focus for his third book, When You Were Little. In the summer of 2011, he released Coloring When I Was Little, a coloring book with activity pages such as connect the dots and word jumbles.

Justin illustrates the Russell Lissau-penned super-villain spoof “Down Time,” found in next month’s full-color return of Omega Comics Presents. Learn more about the issue and pre-order or download it today!

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Know your creators: Alex De-Gruchy

alex de-gruchy Born and raised in Wales and now based in England, Alex De-Gruchy is a writer and editor who has had stories published by Ronin Studios, Alterna Comics and Pop! Goes The Icon. Some of his upcoming projects include one-shots, mini-series and graphic novels from publishers such as Time Bomb Comics, Reasonably Priced Comics and Markosia Enterprises. Alex was once bitten by a lemur. Sadly, it wasn’t radioactive.

Alex returns to the pages of Omega Comics Presents next month with a brand-new, full-color cover story with art by mpMann. Get a preview of “Bluetick & Redbone: In Good Spirits,” then pre-order or download your copy now!

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Happy Holidays

Season's Greetings

Season's GreetingsWe’d like to thank everyone — fans, friends, contributors, retailers, dealers, etc. — for your support in 2011. We made some fun comics, helped support some worthy causes, tried some new things, went to some new places, and learned a lot along the way. 2012 is looming just around the corner (don’t think we can’t see you, 2012!), and while things have been quiet around here the last month or so, it’s mainly because we’re working on new projects to delight you in the coming year.

We hope you and yours have a happy and safe holiday season, filled with visions of comic panels dancing in your heads, and we hope you’ll stick around in the new year to see what’s coming up from Pop! Goes the Icon. Cheers!