Omega Comics Presents (vol. 1) #1

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32 pgs, B&W

Written by: Pj Perez, Alex De-Gruchy, John Dimes & Dino Caruso

Drawn by: Robert Durham, John Dimes, Jason Copland & Pj Perez

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An all-original anthology series featuring some of today’s freshest indie comics talents. In this issue:

  • “Omega” Chapter One: Writer/artist Pj Perez’s ongoing action-suspense drama introduces Strike Force Omega, who must face down a terrorist siege of Hoover Dam!
  • “Odd Job” by Alex De-Gruchy, Robert Durham and Kenny Jeffery, a supernatural comedic ghost revenge story. We’re not kidding.
  • “Making No Magnifisense” by John Dimes, in which Evelyn Gurlimann, a Chaplinesque cypher, fatefully encounters the super-heroic Magnificent Man.
  • “Give Pizza a Chance” by Dino Caruso, Jason Copland and Ed Brisson, a gag strip with a tasty punchline.

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