San Hannibal #4

San Hannibal 4 cover

San Hannibal #4

$2.99 $1.49

24 pages, full color


Written & drawn by  Dan Schkade

Lettered & colored by Jesse Snavlin

Cover by Pal Christian Anderson

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Product Description

Private detective Ira Avery’s investigation into the disappearance of photojournalist Savannah Loy has uncovered a vile conspiracy among San Hannibal’s political elite, but has his search reached a dead end: his own? Find out in the penultimate issue of this neon-noir thriller!

Written and drawn by Dan Schkade with colors and letters by Jesse Snavlin, San Hannibal is a retro-futuristic, hard-boiled crime graphic novel told in five parts. Featuring a look and feel unlike anything else on the market — call it “neon noir” — San Hannibal is as visually daring as it is entirely engrossing. It follows Avery through his dealings with thugs, a makeshift rock star and pagan ritualists as he uncovers a conspiracy that reaches all the way up to San Hannibal’s political elite.


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