San Hannibal #5

$2.99 $1.49

24 pages, full color


Written & drawn by  Dan Schkade

Lettered & colored by Jesse Snavlin

Cover by Dan Schkade & Jesse Snavlin

In stock


The can’t-miss conclusion is here! Hard-luck private detective Avery has been shot at, beaten up, bombed, drugged and nearly buried alive in his pursuit of missing photojournalist Savannah Loy. As the truth behind her disappearance is finally revealed, so is the true face of power in San Hannibal.

Written and drawn by Dan Schkade with colors and letters by Jesse Snavlin, San Hannibal is a retro-futuristic, hard-boiled crime graphic novel told in five parts. Featuring a look and feel unlike anything else on the market — call it “neon noir” — San Hannibal is as visually daring as it is entirely engrossing. It follows Avery through his dealings with thugs, a makeshift rock star and pagan ritualists as he uncovers a conspiracy that reaches all the way up to San Hannibal’s political elite.

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