The Best of Omega Comics Presents


102 pages, black & white

Ages 13+

Written by: Russell Lissau, Pj Perez, Dino Caruso, Alex De-Gruchy

Drawn by: mpMann, Sam Agro, Robert Durham, Jason Copland , J. Korim, John Bivens, Michael Montenat, Juan Agustin Grassi and John Ercek

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The Best of Omega Comics Presents Vol. 1 collects the most acclaimed stories from the first year of Pop! Goes the Icon’s flagship anthology series. Featuring tales of crime, suspense, terror, comedy and more, this volume has something for every lover of graphic fiction. Included in this volume:

  • “Odd Job” by Alex De-Gruchy and Robert Durham: A routine house clearing gig for young Hank goes awry when he comes across unexpected residents – the ghosts of a mobster and his wife.
  • “Give Pizza a Chance” by Dino Caruso and Jason Copland: Dinner as a math problem.
  • “Greedy” by Russell Lissau and mpMann: What appears to be a simple burglary takes an unexpected turn … and then another … and then another …
  • “Door to Door” by Dino Caruso and J. Korim: Lawyers on Call is there for you — whether or not you want ‘em!
  • “One of Us” by Russell Lissau and John Bivens: Criminals find out the hard way that cops take care of their own.
  • “The Hero’s Journey” by Alex De-Gruchy and Michael Montenat: A hitchhiker with a hidden past not only haunts him, but also spells revenge for those who do evil.
  • “L’ange de Bastogne” by Russell Lissau and mpMann: Set during the height of World War II, a church in a small Belgian town finds itself besieged by more than the horrors of war.
  • “The Night Shift” by Dino Caruso and Sam Agro: What’s more demanding? Being a superhero? Or a mother?
  • “Omega” by Pj Perez: A terrorist plot to destroy Hoover Dam draws out the U.S. government’s covert anti-terrorism strike force.

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