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Demons fear what ‘Los Ojos’ see in the latest issue of OMEGA COMICS

Los Ojos cover

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Los Ojos coverAndres Sanchez sees demons. Literally. When he looks into a person’s eyes, he can see whether or not they are truly demonic in nature. Hired to find and assassinate a known child trafficker, Sanchez goes on the hunt, taking out demons as he perceives them, getting ever closer to his target. But can Sanchez truly trust what he sees?

Readers will find out when our flagship anthology series Omega Comics Presents returns on Jan. 13, 2016 with “Los Ojos,” which tells the story of Sanchez, a hitman whose senses allow him to see the true nature of his targets. This one-shot tale is written by Albert the Alien co-creator Trevor Mueller and drawn in dramatic black-and-white by Italian artist Francesco Iaquinta.

Omega Comics Presents: Los Ojos will be available for only 99 cents at ComiXology and DriveThruComics. A limited-release print edition will be available beginning Jan. 20 through the Pop! Goes The Icon web store and at select comic book shops.