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Get the best of Omega Comics Presents in one volume this fall

best of omega comics v. 2

best of omega comics v. 2Bumbling bandits. A down-on-his-luck super-criminal. A hitman with demonic visions. A boy afraid of the monster under his bed. The only human girl in a class of space aliens. These are just some of the compelling characters populating The Best of Omega Comics Presents Volume 2, a collection of seven standalone stories from the second volume of our grab-bag, new talent anthology series that’s been called “imaginative,” “entertaining” and downright “ballsy.”

Since 2010, Omega Comics Presents has provided a highly visible platform for underexposed comic book creators. Behind the quirky stories of mobster ghosts, stranded astronauts and wartime vampires area number of creators who have gone on to find success both with independent endeavors and mainstream projects, including Jason Copland (Kill All Monsters, POP), Ed Brisson (Murder Book, Sheltered) and John Bivens (Dark Engine, Old Wounds).

The Best of Omega Comics Presents Volume 2 weighs in at 132 pages for only $17.95 and features seven distinctive stories in both full-color and black-and-white:

  • “Bluetick & Redbone: In Good Spirits” by Alex De-Gruchy and Marvin Mann
  • “Down Time” by Russell Lissau and Justin Castaneda
  • “Stranger” by Russell Lissau and Dirk I. Tiede
  • “Los Ojos” by Trevor Mueller and Francesco Iaquinta
  • “Hard Time” by Russell Lissau and Justin Castaneda
  • “Calypso” by Russell Lissau and Marvin Mann
  • “Sweet Dreams” By Russell Lissau and Christine Larsen

The Best of Omega Comics Presents Volume 2 hits comic book store shelves Sept. 28, and can be pre-ordered by July 18 using Diamond order code JUL161850. To find a comic shop near you, visit

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Final issue of ‘Omega Comics Presents’ offers an updated spin on ‘The Odyssey’

Calypso cover

Calypso coverLongtime collaborators Russell Lissau and Marvin “MP” Mann reunite in the latest (and final) issue of OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS with the standalone tale “Calypso,” which tells the story of an injured U.S. Army paratrooper during World War II who is rescued and nursed back to health by a beautiful, mysterious French woman. They fall in love and spend the next several decades together, but when a German soldier appears at their door one day, the veil of their idyllic life is shattered.

“I was inspired to write ‘Calypso’ while listening to the Suzanne Vega song of the same name,” said writer Russell Lissau. “I’ve always loved the story of Odysseus and his long, harrowing journey back home after the Trojan War, and Vega’s song looked at his adventure from a new perspective. That’s what Marv and I set out to do with our comic book—to put a new spin on a centuries-old myth.”

The 24-page, full-color OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS: CALYPSO will be available digitally for only 99 cents through ComiXology, ComicsPlus and DriveThruComics on April 20, with a limited-release print edition available beginning April 27 through our web store and at select comic book shops.

Preview This Comic:

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Demons fear what ‘Los Ojos’ see in the latest issue of OMEGA COMICS

Los Ojos cover

Buy now at ComiXology or DriveThruComics for only 99 cents!

Los Ojos coverAndres Sanchez sees demons. Literally. When he looks into a person’s eyes, he can see whether or not they are truly demonic in nature. Hired to find and assassinate a known child trafficker, Sanchez goes on the hunt, taking out demons as he perceives them, getting ever closer to his target. But can Sanchez truly trust what he sees?

Readers will find out when our flagship anthology series Omega Comics Presents returns on Jan. 13, 2016 with “Los Ojos,” which tells the story of Sanchez, a hitman whose senses allow him to see the true nature of his targets. This one-shot tale is written by Albert the Alien co-creator Trevor Mueller and drawn in dramatic black-and-white by Italian artist Francesco Iaquinta.

Omega Comics Presents: Los Ojos will be available for only 99 cents at ComiXology and DriveThruComics. A limited-release print edition will be available beginning Jan. 20 through the Pop! Goes The Icon web store and at select comic book shops.


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Pop! Goes the Icon’s fall and winter lineup offers illustrated fun for everyone


When it launched in early 2010, Omega Comics Presents had only one mission: To provide a platform for underexposed comic book creators. Behind the quirky stories of mobster ghosts, stranded astronauts and wartime vampires were a number of creators who would go on to find success both with independent endeavors and mainstream projects, including Jason Copland (Kill All Monsters, POP), Ed Brisson (Murder Book, Sheltered) and John Bivens (Dark Engine, Old Wounds).

After a brief hiatus, Omega Comics Presents is back, beginning with the all-ages standalone tale, “Stranger,” written by Russell Lissau (Old Wounds) with art, colors and letters by Dirk I. Tiede (Paradigm Shift). Debuting Oct. 13 on ComiXology and other digital comics platforms—with a limited-release print edition following Oct. 21—Omega Comics Presents: Stranger leads off an entire season of new comics and books from Pop! Goes the Icon.

On Nov. 18, the trade paperback collection of Russell Lissau and John Bivens’ acclaimed murder-mystery series, Old Wounds, will hit comic and book shops, offering an additional 20 pages of new and rare content, including behind-the-scenes sketches, essays, and a reprinting of Lissau and Bivens’ previous collaboration, “One of Us,” from the first volume of Omega Comics Presents.

Then, just in time for the holiday season, Paul Mattingly and F. Andrew Taylor’s illustrated story, Christmapus: The Christmas Octopus, comes to bookstores on Dec. 1. This rhyming tale of what happens when Santa’s famous hat lands on an unwitting octopus’ head puts a twisted spin on traditional children’s holiday books, offering humorous fun for adults and less-impressionable children alike.

Omega Comics Presents then returns on Jan. 13, 2016, as Albert the Alien co-creator Trevor Mueller teams with artist Francesco Iaquinta for “Los Ojos,” the story of a hitman whose senses allow him to see the true nature of his targets. The digital-first release of Omega Comics Presents: Los Ojos will be followed by a print edition on Jan. 20.

Find out where you can purchase any of these books and comics!

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Supernatural crime saga ‘Eastsiders’ to debut in OCP

OCP 3 cover

OCP 3 coverFormer punk rocker and recovering hooligan Jake Peters is trying to keep a low profile these days, lest his past—and existence of his inhuman abilities to channel electrical currents—comes to haunt him. But when he stumbles upon the scene of a gruesome gangland murder in London’s East End, he finds himself a wanted man, both by the authorities and by the mysterious crime lord responsible for the murders, John Campanella.

Headlining the spring 2014 issue of our flagship new talent series Omega Comics Presents, “Electric!” is the first chapter in the saga of “Eastsiders,” which follows the travails of Peters as he attempts to elude capture a shadowy government organization while trying to both clear his name with the police and loosen Campanella’s stranglehold on his home of Blackcross. The 20-page story is written by Pop! Goes the Icon publisher Pj Perez and drawn by Portuguese illustrator António Brandão.

Joining “Eastsiders” is “Hard Time” by longtime contributing writer Russell Lissau and artist Justin Castaneda, which sees the return of Dev Bivens, aka The Devastator, the bungling super-criminal last seen in the Omega Comics Presents story “Down Time.” The hilarious, 11-page short pokes fun at some of the most popular filmed prison dramas of the last few decades.

Wrapping up the issue is a comic by Alex De-Gruchy and Mike Kennedy called “Sexual Harassment: Fun for Only One,” a one-page spoof of both office politics and superhero teams.

Omega Comics Presents: Eastsiders can be pre-ordered now for March 26 release, and will be available in select stores and digital outlets, including ComicsPlus and DriveThruComics.

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‘San Hannibal’ debuts in new issue of OMEGA COMICS

Omega Comics Presents 2

Omega Comics Presents 2Photojournalist Savannah Loy is missing. When private detective Ira Avery is hired to find her, he soon discovers there’s much more to this missing person case than he ever expected. There’s something big he cannot see, something bearing down on the entire city of San Hannibal, Calif.

Created by Dan Schkade and JD Faith, “San Hannibal” is a retro-futuristic, hard-boiled crime graphic novel whose first chapter debuts in the new issue of Omega Comics Presents, our premier platform for launching new comic book talent and properties.

Featuring a look and feel unlike anything else on the market — call it “neon noir” — “San Hannibal” is as visually daring as it is entirely engrossing. It follows Avery through his dealings with thugs, a makeshift rock star and pagan ritualists as he uncovers a conspiracy that reaches all the way up to San Hannibal’s political elite.

Schkade writes and/or draws the web-based comics The Fowl and The Adventures of Stop and Go at Faith created the superhero webcomic Acrobat and illustrates the coming-of-age sci-fi thriller Just Another Sheep at

“San Hannibal” is backed up by “Sweet Dreams,” a suspenseful terror short by Russell Lissau (The Batman Strikes!, Strawberry Shortcake) and Christine Larsen (La Morte Sisters, Kung Fu Panda).

Omega Comics Presents: San Hannibal will be available digitally on ComicsPlus, Graphicly and DriveThruComics, as well as in print at select stores or directly from our online store!

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Omega Comics Presents Bluetick & Redbone available today!

Is it May 9 yet? It is?! Well, then, that must mean it’s time for you to read the first issue of the all-new Omega Comics Presents, featuring a full-length story introducing Texas nogoodnicks Bluetick & Redbone by Alex De-Gruchy & mpMann, as well as a satiric short by Russell Lissau & Justin Castaneda.

You can order a print copy directly from us, download one at, or view a digital version via

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on all the adventure and comedy!

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Know your creators: Russell Lissau

Russell LissauBy day, Russell Lissau is a mild-mannered newspaper reported in suburban Chicago. By night, he battles evil writing comic books, including The Batman Strikes!, Daily Grind and Strawberry Shortcake. He broke into comics in 2005 with the lead story in Batman Allies Secret Files and Origins. Never one to shy away from a crowd, Russell also leads workshops at libraries throughout the Chicago area about writing comics.

Russell wrote the Justin Castaneda-illustrated super-villain spoof “Down Time,” found in next month’s full-color return of Omega Comics Presents. Learn more about the issue and pre-order or download it today!

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Know your creators: mpMann

marvin mann mpmannMarvin Perry Mann has been drawing all of his life. He has made webcomics, mini-comics and digital comics, done work for hire, created new projects, and worked with an assortment of talented creators.

Marvin is the co-creator of four graphic novels published by Archaia: The Lone and Level Sands and Some New Kind of Slaughter with A. David Lewis, Inanna’s Tears with Rob Vollmar, and The Grave Doug Freshley with Josh Hechinger. His work with writer Russell Lissau has appeared several times in Omega Comics Presents.

Preview his new story with Alex De-Gruchy, “Bluetick & Redbone: In Good Spirits,” debuting next month in the now full-color pages of Omega Comics Presents, then pre-order or download your copy!