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Final issue of ‘Omega Comics Presents’ offers an updated spin on ‘The Odyssey’

Calypso cover

Calypso coverLongtime collaborators Russell Lissau and Marvin “MP” Mann reunite in the latest (and final) issue of OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS with the standalone tale “Calypso,” which tells the story of an injured U.S. Army paratrooper during World War II who is rescued and nursed back to health by a beautiful, mysterious French woman. They fall in love and spend the next several decades together, but when a German soldier appears at their door one day, the veil of their idyllic life is shattered.

“I was inspired to write ‘Calypso’ while listening to the Suzanne Vega song of the same name,” said writer Russell Lissau. “I’ve always loved the story of Odysseus and his long, harrowing journey back home after the Trojan War, and Vega’s song looked at his adventure from a new perspective. That’s what Marv and I set out to do with our comic book—to put a new spin on a centuries-old myth.”

The 24-page, full-color OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS: CALYPSO will be available digitally for only 99 cents through ComiXology, ComicsPlus and DriveThruComics on April 20, with a limited-release print edition available beginning April 27 through our web store and at select comic book shops.

Preview This Comic:

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Murder-mystery tale ‘Old Wounds’ collected in paperback on Nov. 18

old wounds TP cover

old wounds TP coverMost comic books tell the stories of their heroes battling villains and conquering seemingly insurmountable odds. But in the four-part series Old Wounds, writer Russell Lissau and artist John Bivens went against the grain, showing the harsh consequences of a crime-fighter’s life after he’s hung up his mask. On Nov. 18, fans of crime and mystery fiction will be able to pick up the entire story in one, deluxe trade paperback edition.

In Old Wounds, retired vigilante Michael Lane’s former associates and loved ones are being killed one by one. As police detectives Frank King and Alyssa Hess move to protect him, Lane struggles to keep his secrets hidden, all while racing against the clock to find the killer before it’s too late.

“There aren’t many comics about what you do in the second or third phase of your life, once youth is past and you’re making decisions for different reasons,” wrote Comics Worth Reading’s Johanna Draper Carlson. “A lot of this works for me.”

In addition to the 96-page murder-mystery, the collection will include a reprinting of detectives Hess and King’s first appearance in Lissau and Bivens’ “One of Us,” which previously appeared in the indie anthology series Omega Comics Presents. The paperback will also feature a look into the collaborative process between the creators, as well as a brand-new cover by Bivens.

Old Wounds will be available on Nov. 18 in comic book stores for $12.99, and can be pre-ordered before Sept. 18 using Diamond order code SEP151548. To find a comic store near you, visit

Praise for Old Wounds:

“Russell’s writing is so real.  It’s humanizing the mystery man a lot more than other things have done. John’s splash pages are amazing. he does it so well. The visuals tell just as much of the story. Front to back, every part of it is so well thought out.” – The Basement Fodder Podcast

“I never expected to get teary-eyed at a comic. This was an amazing miniseries that I am sad to see end. Both Lissau and Bivens have found a very big fan in me.” – Kelly Smith Reviews

“Lissau’s writing style feels concise and tight, as if each word was carefully chosen to have just the right impact. The style pairs fantastically with the hard grit of a crime story such as this. Bivens’ art is expressive and evocative, working perfectly with black and white to evoke an atmosphere of grit and shadows.” – The Adventures of Scott

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Russell Lissau hits Las Vegas Aug. 15 for a day of workshops and appearances

Russell Lissau

Russell Lissau

He’s written the adventures of Batman, the escapades of Strawberry Shortcake, and created his own pulpy universe in the comic Old Wounds. Now Russell Lissau will share his expertise from a decade in the comics field with a day of workshops and appearances in Las Vegas on Saturday, Aug. 15.

The Chicago-based writer, who by day is a reporter for the Daily Herald, will lead back-to-back, free programs at the Clark County Library (1401 E. Flamingo Road), beginning with “Making Comics” at 11 a.m. and followed by “Ready…Set…Draw!” at 1 p.m.

“The ‘Making Comics’ workshop is for teens and adults—people who are serious about the craft of making comics and who want to learn more about it,” Lissau says. “The ‘Ready…Set…Draw!’ event is for kids and teens, mostly. It’s like Pictionary, but with comics, science-fiction and fantasy as themes for the things to be drawn.”

After the library workshops, Lissau will then head across the street to Alternate Reality Comics (4110 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite 8)—recently named “Best Comic Book Institution” by the Las Vegas Weekly—for a meet-and-greet from 3 to 5 p.m. celebrating the conclusion of his acclaimed, creator-owned miniseries Old Wounds.

Drawn by fellow Midwesterner John Bivens, Old Wounds tells the story of a retired superhero and the ghosts from his past who’ve come back to haunt him. All four issues will be available at the comic store appearance for purchase and for Lissau to sign.

Although he calls Chicagoland home, Lissau is no stranger to Las Vegas. He was a guest at the 2014 Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival (where his “Making Comics” workshop was standing-room-only) and makes frequent recreational visits to partake in the city’s myriad diversions. He particularly enjoys the “great restaurants, fantastic hotels and swimming pools.”

“I gamble a bit as well when I’m here, typically craps and blackjack,” says Lissau. “Although my poker skills are improving and I may sit down for a game. Most importantly, however? My publisher is in town!”

Lissau’s next project for Pop! Goes the Icon is the one-shot story “Stranger” with artist Dirk Tiede, which will be released as a digital-first comic later this year. He also has several self-published comics in the works, including Rubicon with Danielle Alexis St. Pierre and Dinner at Dante’s with Mark Stegbauer.

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Tense penultimate issue of OLD WOUNDS delivers surprises

Old Wounds comic cover

Old Wounds comic coverOLD WOUNDS, Russell Lissau and John Bivens’ four-issue comic book murder-mystery, has grabbed the attention of critics and readers alike with its tale of a man whose past literally comes back to haunt him. We’ve been right there with retired vigilante Michael Lane as he’s suffered the loss of his ex-wife and old friends.

In the third issue of this gripping mini-series, the investigation into those explosive attacks leads to Lane’s old enemy, Tommy Blast. But could this deranged mob enforcer have orchestrated the murders from inside his prison cell? Or has the evidence trail gone cold? Readers will find out in this shocking penultimate chapter that is not to be missed.

“A lot of this works for me for two reasons,” wrote Johanna Draper Carlson from Comics Worth Reading. “One: Lissau does a terrific job building suspense. As the series continues, he knows just how much information to dish out to keep the reader involved. The second reason is the art. Bivens’ style is scratchy, noir-ish, and toned to indicate many shades of grey.”

OLD WOUNDS #3 will be available on June 24 in comic book stores or directly from our website for $2.99, and is currently available digitally from ComiXology, ComicsPlus and DriveThruComics for 99 cents. To find a comic store near you, visit

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Mystery crime series OLD WOUNDS to launch in April

old wounds 1 coverRetired vigilante Michael Lane thought his secrets were long buried in the past, along with his cloak and mask. But when his ex-wife Lori is suddenly killed in a house explosion and his former associates become the targets of similar attacks, those secrets threaten to come back to haunt him.

Launching April 8, OLD WOUNDS is a four-issue comic book mini-series written by Russell Lissau and drawn by John Bivens that’s equal parts crime drama and action thriller, following Lane and police detectives Frank King and Alyssa Hess as they try to solve Lori’s murder…and prevent their own!

Lissau, who has written a wide variety of comic books, including THE BATMAN STRIKES!, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE and SHREK, previously worked with Bivens on “One of Us,” a short story published in our OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS anthology, where detectives King and Hess first appeared. Like that first story, OLD WOUNDS is presented in pulpy black and white.

Minneapolis-based Bivens is also currently collaborating with writer Ryan Burton on the series DARK ENGINE for Image Comics, and his previous work has appeared in the award-winning COMIC BOOK TATTOO, POPGUN, and READING WITH PICTURES.

OLD WOUNDS #1 can be pre-ordered now from the February issue of Previews (Diamond Code FEB151566) and will be available in comic book stores on Apr. 8 for $2.99, as well as on digital platforms including Comixology and Comics Plus for 99 cents. To find a comic store near you, call 1-800-COMIC-BOOK or visit

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‘San Hannibal’ debuts in new issue of OMEGA COMICS

Omega Comics Presents 2

Omega Comics Presents 2Photojournalist Savannah Loy is missing. When private detective Ira Avery is hired to find her, he soon discovers there’s much more to this missing person case than he ever expected. There’s something big he cannot see, something bearing down on the entire city of San Hannibal, Calif.

Created by Dan Schkade and JD Faith, “San Hannibal” is a retro-futuristic, hard-boiled crime graphic novel whose first chapter debuts in the new issue of Omega Comics Presents, our premier platform for launching new comic book talent and properties.

Featuring a look and feel unlike anything else on the market — call it “neon noir” — “San Hannibal” is as visually daring as it is entirely engrossing. It follows Avery through his dealings with thugs, a makeshift rock star and pagan ritualists as he uncovers a conspiracy that reaches all the way up to San Hannibal’s political elite.

Schkade writes and/or draws the web-based comics The Fowl and The Adventures of Stop and Go at Faith created the superhero webcomic Acrobat and illustrates the coming-of-age sci-fi thriller Just Another Sheep at

“San Hannibal” is backed up by “Sweet Dreams,” a suspenseful terror short by Russell Lissau (The Batman Strikes!, Strawberry Shortcake) and Christine Larsen (La Morte Sisters, Kung Fu Panda).

Omega Comics Presents: San Hannibal will be available digitally on ComicsPlus, Graphicly and DriveThruComics, as well as in print at select stores or directly from our online store!

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The summer of Pop! Goes the Icon begins!

Comic convention season is upon us, and we’re giving you all sorts of opportunities to meet, greet and heckle the hard-working writers, artists and editors who endeavor to bring you the freshest alternative comics this side of the Mississippi. Here’s the run-down for the next month or two:

Pop! Goes the Icon Commander-in-Cheif Pj Perez heads to the Mile High City for Denver Comic Con from May 31-June 2. He’ll be at Artist Valley table J-5 (not far from future Omega Comics Presents contributors Dan Schkade and Jesse Snavlin at I-13 and Tales from the Boneyard/Tales from Fremont Street contributor Deryl Skelton at J-12) with the full line of Pop! Goes the Icon comics (currently in print), plus he’ll probably be shaking hands, doing sketches and trying really hard to get good phone reception.

That same weekend, right here in Sin City, Tales from the Boneyard/Tales from Fremont Street contributor F. Andrew Taylor (plus special guests?) will be manning the first-ever Pop! Goes the Icon Pop! Up Store at the spring Neon Bazaar in downtown Las Vegas on June 1. It’s a fun, one-day pop-up retail event featuring mom-and-pop retailers, artisans, food trucks, and much more, all in the center of the New Downtown action! If you ask nicely, Andy will probably do a sketch for you, too … or maybe tell you about the secret project we have lined up for the near future.

Two weeks later — yes, only two weeks! — it’s back to Las Vegas for Pj Perez as he holds court at the first-ever Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, happening at the South Point Hotel & Casino from June 14-16. There’s a really great line-up of superstars for this first-time event, so come for the big wigs, stay for the indies!

And don’t think we’ve forgotten you Midwest folks — our ever-busy, ever-booked Omega Comics Presents writer extraordinaire, Russell Lissau, will be appearing at Anime Midwest in Rosemont, Ill. from July 5-7. There, he’ll join Amala’s Blade writer Steve Horton for a panel discussion on Saturday called “Ghosts, Assassins, Zombies, and Murderers,” during which Russell will talk about his upcoming crime graphic novel he’s working on with John Bivens, Old Wounds, which we’ll be happily bringing to the world in the next year.

Phew! That’s a lot of great creators covering a lot of square mileage across this here U.S. of A. We hope you can make it out to one of these fine shows, and if not, well, stay tuned to our events page for all of our upcoming appearances. Or subscribe to our fancy-schmancy newsletter! Or if you spend your days on Facebook, we’re there, too. Or Twitter. Or Tumblr. We’re social like that.

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This weekend: Anime Milwaukee and Alternate Reality Comics

Whether you’re looking to find some new comics to read, meet the people who make them, or learn more about getting published yourself, our staff and creators might be able to help you with that this weekend — depending on where you live!

Anime Milwaukee kicks off Friday, Feb. 15 and runs through Sunday, Feb. 17 at the Milwaukee Hyatt Regency. If you live in the area and are into anime, cosplay, comics, gaming or just having fun, you won’t want to miss this three-day extravaganza featuring concerts, parties, panels, fashion shows, gaming and much more. And you’ll find our pal Russell Lissau, frequent Omega Comics Presents contributor and co-creator of the forthcoming graphic novel Old Wounds, from whom you can get a sketch, buy some comics, and learn a thing or two about writing comics!

Las Vegas comic book artists of any level are encouraged to bring their portfolios to Alternate Reality Comics on Saturday, Feb. 16 from noon to 3 p.m., where Pop! Goes the Icon publisher and editor Pj Perez will be hosting a talent search to find illustrators for our next edition in our series of commemorative benefit comics for the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, Tales from Lost Vegas. To be considered for inclusion for this comic, artists should have five to 10 pages of sequential art pages (not just pin-ups or sketches) demonstrating their ability to tell a story through pictures. All styles and media are welcome. Art submissions are also being accepted online through Feb. 28.

Check out our Events page for all creator appearances and hosted events throughout the year!

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OCP writer Russell Lissau appearing at Chicago Comic Con

Russell LissauWizard World Chicago Comic Con returns this weekend, Aug. 9 to 12, bringing thousands of rabid fans of comics, sci-fi, pop culture and more to  the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. And if you plan to be there, we suggest you swing by booth 3178 to see our man Russell Lissau, who will be selling and signing copies of his various published works, including Strawberry Shortcake Reading With Pictures, and of course, plenty of copies of Omega Comics Presents!

As an added bonus, Russell will be joined by his daughter and Strawberry Shortcake collaborator, Meredith, on Thursday and Saturday at the convention. She’s a preteen dynamo — you’ve just got to meet her!

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Omega Comics Presents Bluetick & Redbone available today!

Is it May 9 yet? It is?! Well, then, that must mean it’s time for you to read the first issue of the all-new Omega Comics Presents, featuring a full-length story introducing Texas nogoodnicks Bluetick & Redbone by Alex De-Gruchy & mpMann, as well as a satiric short by Russell Lissau & Justin Castaneda.

You can order a print copy directly from us, download one at, or view a digital version via

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on all the adventure and comedy!